How to Find Potential Jobs

Using the Internet to Look for Employment

Unemployed people may seek out the daily newspaper to find available jobs; however, several other sources exist to locating available jobs. Without knowing of these resources, one may have a difficult time locating positions.

Career One Stop

Powered by the United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Career One Stop is the premier resources for available job openings across the country. While the site contains information on career assessments, career description, and career planning, the site also contains an often looked over section called The Job Site.

The Job Site contains three primary job banks. The first one is a listing of each state’s own job bank. This is especially useful for those who are willing to transfer to another state to obtain a job. The second job bank on the site is for the most popular internet job banks. And finally, the third job bank is for current government positions.

Online Job Banks

Employers often use the internet to post job positions because of instant access to millions of people. While The Job Site is a great resource, the internet also contains some great employment resources. For business job positions, sites like and CareerBuilder are excellent sites. Both sites permit the user to post their resume on the site for potential employers to view.

For those looking for jobs in the educational field, sites like Teacher-to-Teacher and ABC Teaching Jobs are ideal. These two sites allow educators to complete an online resume/portfolio. This is seen by interested employers; however, employers also actively send out invitations to teachers about open positions around the United States and globally.


In the past three years Craigslist has become popular in virtually every city of America. Craigslist tailors it’s site to specific geographic areas. While the site contains for sale items, volunteering opportunities, and forums, the site is also a great resource for job seekers. On the main site of Craigslist is a large section for employment. Many employers will utilize this venue first because there is no cost to post an ad. Job seekers can also use the Resume section on Craigslist to post their own resume for potential employers.

Job seekers can find job openings on the internet. The ones outlined in this article are just a few that are excellent resources. Many newspapers now list their classified ads, including employment, on their website. Unemployment centers or workforce centers also have websites for the unemployed. The site may list jobs, but other resources, like resume building and application completion, are also available.

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