Cities of Migration is a website that showcases good ideas in immigrant integration and promotes innovative practices that create inclusion and urban prosperity.

Economic Development Resources

Voice Job
This short documentary profiles a different tool for getting work. In an immigration-rich society, the agency Voice Job offers an alternative to the traditional job search.

The Nanny Business
Almost 5000 Filipino women arrive in Canada each year with dreams of changing their lives through a federal program with the lure of a fast-track to Canadian residency. Instead, many find themselves in a nightmare – cheated by recruiters, and misused by bad employers, trapped in a government program that promised so much but ended up facilitating abuse.

Migrant Workers in Canada

In recent years the number of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada has risen dramatically to over a quarter of a million. Because of their lack of permanent status and their isolation, temporary migrant workers are especially vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Doctors Without Residency
This short documentary highlights how discrimination prevents foreign-trained doctors from practicing in Canada – even after they’ve received their Canadian qualifications.

Hanging On
This short documentary shows the struggle that young immigrants have in a small community unaccustomed to cultural diversity and their frustration at not having their skills recognized by the job market and their peers.

A Day in the Night of Jonathan Mole
This short film from director Donald Brittain tackles the subject of racial prejudice in employment, in a particularly witty fashion. It takes the form of a fantasy in the mythical country of Adanac, featuring arch bigot Jonathan Mole, Mrs. Platitude, Professor Short Sight and other characters.
This website is an excellent resource to learn about how to source, select, develop and welcome skilled immigrants as creative contributors to your workforce. The Roadmap provides key information, strategies and tools in text, audio, and video formats to engage skilled immigrants more effectively from recruitment to integration and retention.

Ontario’s Bridge Training Programs
The Ontario government supports programs that can help newcomers get their license or certificate in their profession or trade so that they can work in Ontario. Access this website to find the bridge training projects by sector.


Health, Social Services, and Voluntary Sector Resources

Culture Counts: A Roadmap to Health Promotion This resource is a publication of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, a guide to best practices for developing health promotion initiatives in mental health and substance use with ethnocultural communities prepared by Kobus-Matthews et al.


Housing and Transportation Resources

Precarious Housing and Hidden Homelessness among Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Immigrants in Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver, by Daniel Hiebert et al. This is a research project designed to systematically compare the housing situations and needs of sponsored refugees, refugee claimants, and other classes of immigrants across Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Settlement Resources

New Canadians Centre Peterborough This website provides links to print and web resources which are useful to immigrants in the process of settlement (e.g., language classes, social support groups). This is very helpful when you are working with immigrant employees or clients.

Peterborough Immigration Portal was launched in Spring 2010. It provides information and resources to prospective and new immigrants to the Peterborough area.

Making Ontario Home 2012 is the first province-wide study focusing on immigrant and refugee use of settlement and integration services.  2,530 respondents across Ontario, including Peterborough area, were surveyed for the purposes of this study. Making Ontario Home 2012 is released by Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI).

Integration-Net is a communications, information and research tool funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to support the work of the Canadian settlement community. It provides a means to develop both a national and international exchange of information and ideas about best practices on integration strategies and programs in order to share and learn from the experience of others. 

Let’s Talk is an initiative of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ontario Region (CIC). It is an electronic repository of tools, resources and information related to interpretation for people with limited English language proficiency. Let’s Talk can help organizations better deliver services to immigrants, and provides information that answers these and many other questions: What is an interpreter? Why do I need an interpreter? How do I use an interpreter? How do I find an interpreter? How do I make interpretation a practice in my agency?

Immigration, Women and Children
Basic Concepts: This webinar reviews basic immigration terms and pointers for women who are not Canadian citizens and whose status may be affected by their partner and the breakdown of their relationship. Covers understanding immigration status, getting control of the immigration file, and where to look for help.
Sample situations: This webinar discusses situations involving immigration and family issues that may arise for non-citizen women and their children. It looks at situations such as non-citizen women with Canadian-born children, and sponsorship when relationships break down.


Education Resources


The Promised Land
Ten stories of harrowing, exciting and often dangerous escapes to Canada as told by the immigrants and refugees who endured them.


Other Local Immigration Partnerships

Chatham-Kent Local Immigration Partnership Project – Local Settlement Strategy

Francophone Immigration Network in Kingston and the surrounding area

Hamilton Integration Partnership

North Bay and District Multicultural Centre
– Multicultural Radio Show

Region of Peel

Windsor Essex County Local Immigration Partnership

York Region Local Immigration Partnership