Surviving a Video Interview

Today’s technology allows increasingly more employers and human resources management workers to use video interviews to screen candidates for employment.  Whether it’s due to an employer’s time or location restraints, it allows them to replay, review and rate the interviews more easily, as well as compare candidates more effectively.  Though video interviews are becoming more commonplace, they still can be a bit intimidating for the job seeker, even for those who are familiar with technology and use it regularly.

To interview successfully and survive the video interview process, it’s important to remember that such interviews are not vastly different from an in-person interview. Further, any nuances specific to a video interview are easily mastered if you remember these important tips:

  • A video interview will typically take place in a professional environment either at a recruiter’s office or a company that provides video conferencing services. 
  • Be sure to send any written materials that the employer needs or you’d like them to have (such as a resume) well in advance of the interview.
  • Dress professionally in interview attire, preferably in solid colors for better camera presence. 
  • To ensure you have time to get situated properly, arrive early.  This will also give you time to ask for assistance if unsure how to use the equipment. 
  • Since microphones pick up noise easily, don’t shuffle papers or tap a pen.  In fact, keep the surface in front of you clear so there are no distractions for the interviewer. 
  • Make eye contact at all times as if the person were in the room with you. If the Picture-in-Picture feature is used, see how you appear and make any adjustments.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and interact with the interviewer.
    If you are participating in a video interview where you are simply asked to read questions and then respond, do so with the same clarity and eye contact you would use as if a person were there. 

Most important, remember that the basics still apply despite the video format. HR management companies, like Solvo Global, pay attention to all details.  Be natural and confident, and it will come across, even through the airways.


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