The Era of Call Center Outsourcing Services

If you are in the United States and are trying to connect to a Fortune 500 company customer service department, chances are, you are going to end up talking to an Asian customer service representative located thousands of miles from you. Thanks to the phenomenon known as call center outsourcing services, the job still gets done and you can go ahead with your transaction, in spite of probable accent lapses and some connection problems. Indeed, availing of call center outsourcing services has its own advantages and these are evident by the increasing number of large companies that are turning to foreign labor to fill the slots in their customer service departments.


The main reason companies prefer call center outsourcing services is the significant financial cost savings they can enjoy. In developing countries where outsourcing services are mostly located, the value of the dollar is much greater, so companies can benefit from costs that are just small fractions of those received by employees living in first-world countries. For instance, if an American gets $3000 a month for solving technical problems over the phone, an Asian can be paid $300 a month for the same kind of job. Since labor takes a huge slice of the operating expenses, this drastic cut in costs provided by call center outsourcing is very profitable for companies.


Though the inevitable cost of training foreigners must be added to the overall expenses, recruitment and training are more or less negligible, primarily because of the high quality of employees that call center outsourcing services can attract. In developing nations, the workforce for an outsourced service is already equipped with the pre-requisite skills and may even be considered at par or exceeding that of a developed country. India, for one, is famous for being a tech-savvy nation; the Philippines, on the other hand, is well-known for its fluent English speakers. In addition, most agents in outsourced call center services are college degree holders and take their jobs more seriously. This more professional disposition assures client companies that the people they hire for outsourced labor are focused on and dedicated to their work.


Another attribute that some call center outsourcing services have is the offer of dedicated staff, which most first-world companies find practical. The dedicated staff model opposes the traditional outsourcing model, which reiterates that a particular offshore staff performs several tasks for different clients. Some companies put great effort in providing staffing solutions – if you’d like to check one, click here. Hence call center agents do multi-tasking. In contrast, having a dedicated staff service enables foreign companies to hire an exclusive offshore staff to work solely for them. Thus, call center agents only handle customer accounts from one company or one particular project at a time, which ensures more work focus and higher output quality.


With the cost, employee quality, and production advantages that call center outsourcing services can bring, it is no wonder that their emergence is at its peak and their services are here to stay in the following years. Because of the success and the help that call center outsourcing services can provide to larger clients, even small and medium-sized companies are predicted to venture into this kind of outsourcing services and see that there is more beyond the hype. It may just be about saving more money, but in reality, the service is more about getting the best people to do the work, at less cost, from the other side of the world.

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